This document is intended to outline the basic mission and goals for The Innovation Club.

The Innovation Club has been formed as a way for individuals who are driven to create things, network, and work together. By design, there is no specific field that the organization is preferential to. Our mission is to act as a catalyst for innovation and creation.

As a founding principle, the organization is open to anybody who is willing to commit themselves towards the betterment of oneself, and their peers, through the development of their work and skills. It is expected that the members of this organization will help contribute to the officially sanctioned projects as well as their colleagues’ independent projects. And, it is our hope that this organization will act as a magnet (of sorts) for individuals who want to change the world.

In order to ensure the success of this organization, its members will need resources. The club will offer tools and support to its members to help them bring their ideas to life. It is the goal of this organization to create a community of visionaries who will form lifelong bonds that fuel success and instigate progress at all scales.